Sauvignon Volpe Pasini


DOC Friuli Colli Orientali

The Sauvignon, with its typical straw yellow color, is a well balanced wine in its aroma/structure ratio. The first sensation found in this wine is the great harmony among the distinct “green” and “earthy” notes easily recognized by the nose that made this grape famous and the perception in the mouth of aromas always fruity, but softer and more elegant.

Serving suggestions The Sauvignon involves and fascinates both drunk as an aperitif away from meals, but also with seafood and fish or even first courses containing tomatoes or bell peppers.

Serving temperature Best served at 10-12 °C

Variety 100% Sauvignon

Production 16.700 bottles

Production zone Togliano

Best before 3-4 years

Fermentation In steel

Refining In bottle

pH 3,28

Total acid 6,03 g/l

Alcohol 12,50% Vol

Net dry extract 22,30 g/l

Unfermented sugar 1,90 g/l

Free SO2 33,0 mg/l

Total SO2 110,0 mg/l