Villa Rosa

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A magical meeting
point for all the
friends of wine.


Villa Rosa is a splendid late sixteenth century villa fitting into the heritage of the Venetian villas. It is probably the only one in the Udine province which has been completely restored. Today it is the Communication Centre which Volpe Pasini established in order to welcome friends from all over the world.

Its’ stone walls, the gardens with the vegetable garden and the area for aromatic plants as well as every detail were the object of stringent historic and architectural compliance. The entire complex is a fine example of environmental sustainability as through the use of geothermal energy and the richness of its vegetation, more carbon dioxide is captured than is produced. Completely surrounded by the Volpe Pasini vineyards and at the foot of the historic Zuc di Volpe vineyard, the villa is a magical meeting point for all who find in wine a red line which unites history, tradition, culture and man’s intelligence.