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Germogliamento_2Vigneto_NeveImpianto Ribolla Gialla 2004_2Focus Merlot Zuc di Volpe 2012_1Volpe Pasini_8Vigneto Zuc_Neve3Diradamento 2012_1Vigneto Zuc_5Impianto Ribolla Gialla 2004Vigneto di Prepotto_2Diradamento 2012_2Togliano Merlot Volpe Pasini 2012

Soil, subsoil and
microclimate make
every grape vine unique.


52 hectares of vineyards, of which half are for white grapes and half are for red grapes, on the hills of Togliano and Prepotto, in the best wine growing areas of the Colli Orientali of Friuli.
In the field, soil, subsoil, topography and microclimate render each vine unique.
In the cellar, old traditions and modern technologies elevate and transform special grapes into extraordinary wines. It is thus that in every bottle you will find a world of tastes, of land, of tradition and in the name of uniqueness within typicality.