Villa Volpe Pasini

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History and the
charming hills of Friuli
provide the setting
for the Villa Volpe Pasini


Julius Ceasar wanted to have Cividale del Friuli (Forum Julii) as a bulwark against barbarian invasions. In the seventeenth century it was the first capital of the Lombard Duchy of Friuli. Architectural treasures and goldsmiths’ art remain from this period and led to Unesco to name Cividale as a World Heritage site.

Togliano is 3km away. Here is located Villa Volpe Pasini that at the beginning of the twentieth century has hosted the Italian Royal Family and other illustrious personalities of the cultural scene such as Luigi Pirandello and Gabriele D’Annunzio. All were admirers of the wines produced there.

The Bed&Breakfast is situated in the sixteenth century villa, headquarter of the historic Volpe Pasini winery, and is surrounded by a beautiful countryside encircled by the charming hills of the DOC Colli Orientali of Friuli area.